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In the last newsletter we explained our choice of an internal combustion engine for PowerPod and discussed its advantages. Let us tell you a little more about our power plant.

The heart of PowerPod is a modern “boxer” ICE with an injection fuel system, equipped with an electric starter.

Engine type

The boxer engine has significant advantages over traditional single-cylinder paramotor engines, which are quite significant for our case.

First of all, it has a much lower level of vibrations, which is suitable for a ducted fan technology. 
Another important benefit is that a two-cylinder engine is easier to cool down in comparison to the same power single-cylinder engine.
From the safety aspect, our motor is a good choice as well. In the case of one-of-two cylinder failure, the engine will not stall, but will continue to work, albeit with a loss of power


The usage of a modern fuel injection system instead of a traditional carburetor on paramotors is a big step forward for PPG. Similarly, carburetors are disappearing from cars as injectors evolve.

The injector has several advantages:

Simplicity and ease of launch
No adjustment required when changing seasons, temperature, altitude
More power and better fuel efficiency

Engine design

The cylinders and pistons of the engine are designed for heavy-duty operations and have a long lifetime.
We designed the crankshaft which is made of high strength steel 40HN2A for long-term operation.
When developing our power plant, we tried to apply maximum technology to make it light, easy to operate, powerful and, most importantly, reliable.

Suggestions are welcomed

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