PowerPod: Why the Delay?


Many pilots have been asking us when we will be able to deliver the PowerPod. Every day, we receive letters from people eagerly awaiting our product in 15 countries around the world.

However, we have had to postpone the launch of pre-orders. Why is that?

The production of any aviation equipment requires extensive testing and trials to ensure maximum reliability, user-friendliness, and affordability.

To clarify the situation, it is important to consider the number of innovative technologies incorporated into the PowerPod that are not found in traditional paramotors:

  1. World's first: a highly efficient, minimally sized ducted fan, completely concealed behind the pilot's back.
  2. Pod harness with integrated power unit and adjustable thrust vector.
  3. New, innovative opposed engine with an injector specifically designed for product's requirements.
  4. High-tech lightweight composite frame.

Reasons for the delay:

  1. Fine-tuning the engine specifically designed for use in PowerPod. Further adjustments and tuning of the fuel injection system, exhaust system, and cooling system are necessary to ensure maximum user convenience and safety.Pilots must have confidence in the engine's reliability in any conditions, its fuel efficiency and power, as well as easy and reliable starting.
  2. Fine-tuning the pod harness and frame for all stages of flight.PowerPod is designed for long thermal flights and must provide maximum comfort for the pilot.
  3. Optimizing production processes to make the PowerPod more accessible, rather than exclusive.We must ensure that the PowerPod is as affordable as possible for purchase, while the sales revenue allows us to further develop, recoup investments, and invest in the development of new versions.
  4. Seeking partners and investments.We are carefully selecting the optimal location for the assembly line, ensuring product quality, after-sales support, and, of course, the final cost accessibility for buyers.

The current situation.

Our team is not standing still. We are conducting additional reliability tests and component optimization. Over the past year, we have achieved the following improvements:

  1. Weight reduction: 24%.
  2. Increased fuel efficiency: 11% (at maximum power) and 23% (at 75% power).
  3. Increased flight time: 16%.

The Fulcrum team continues to work on solving these challenges and will keep you updated. We are confident that pilots will be able to experiencePowerPod in the near future. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them here:https://fulcrum-engines.com/questionnaire/

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