Fulcrum engines news: safety measures


Dear pilots,We have received a number of questions about safety. Here we will try to answer some of them.

Like any extreme sports equipment, our product is designed for pilots who have a sufficient level of training and have completed paragliding school courses and are trained in performing both free flight and takeoffs/landings with PPG equipment.

PowerPod is designed to make free paragliding accessible in the areas where there are no convenient sites or club winches. PowerPod also makes long-distance cross-country flights affordable, safe, and allows you to return to your starting point, even against the wind.

The pilot doesn't have to spend a lot of time at low altitude on small slides struggling with turbulence. With PowerPod you can gain safe altitude in just a few minutes, which also contributes to safety.

Compared to a conventional PPG setup, PowerPod is safer for soaring:

  1. While a traditional paramotor has an open propeller, PowerPod is equipped with a fan enclosed in an annular nozzle which is protected from accidental contact with paraglider lines and pilot’s limbs, which is much safer not only for the pilot, but also bystanders.This is vital for flying in a turbulent atmosphere, when there is a possibility of collapse or destabilization.
  2. A small diameter propeller does not have as much torque as a conventional paramotor prop. Together with the system for deflecting the pilot's back in flight and maintaining the axis of rotation of the propeller in the horizon, this eliminates the pilot's twist due to engine operation.
  3. Also, due to the small diameter of the setup, the pilot's takeoff is much easier and safer than with a traditional bulky frame.
  4. A two-cylinder boxer engine increases fault tolerance, in the event of a failure of one of the cylinders, you can continue using the second cylinder until you get to a landing site.
  5. The energy-absorbing composite frame and integrated protector provide good impact protection.

We are constantly thinking about how to improve the passive safety of our product.If you are interested in PowerPod, fill in the application herehttps://fulcrum-engines.com/questionnaire/

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