PowerPod Aerodynamic Superiority


Efficient flight in thermals on a PPG is now possible.

PowerPod is the most aerodynamically efficient PPG setup available.

But every innovation or technology has its own function. We would like to explain to you what paragliding problems our product solves.

PowerPod was designed to make thermal flying affordable and safer. Many paragliding pilots have already experienced the following limitations:

Some free-flying pilots live far from mountains and have to travel long distances to sites where they can fly. It is difficult to reach the height of thermals from small hills, you can only fly low in dynamics.
Not all pilots decide to make cross-country flights with strong wind drift and no possibility to return to the starting point. Often those pilots prefer return flights.
On the other hand, many PPG pilots have discovered thermal flying and enjoy the feeling of freedom and stillness while soaring. But a typical paramotor setup does not allow you to soar and glide between thermals because both frame and propeller create significant air drag, and the seating position of conventional PPG setups is uncomfortable during many hours of soaring and lacks aerodynamics.

The idea of designing PowerPod was based on creating a PPG setup for thermal flights as comfortable as possible with maximum aerodynamic efficiency, making it easy to start the engine when it’s needed.

Less air drag, better glide

If you take a look at the models, you can see that PowerPod generates much less air resistance.

According to our calculations, the aerodynamic drag of a pilot with PowerPod was reduced by 40% compared to a conventional setup.

To reduce air resistance, modern solutions are used:

The smallest diameter propeller in the PPG market (ducted fan) provides high performance and reduces the air drag. It is completely hidden behind the pilot's back: no more big propellers and bulky guards.
Back tilt control allows a pilot to stay comfortable in a semi-recumbent position during free flight. At the same time, the propeller thrust vector stays optimal for both: taking off and flying.
Aerodynamic pod harness makes it comfortable for soaring and cross - country.

In addition, the PowerPod pilot has opportunities that a regular pilot lacks:

Easy engine start with an electric starter allows gaining thermals again if altitude is lost.
The fuel reserve for 1.5-2* hours of horizontal flight allows you to maintain and gain altitude if landing is not safe. You can return to the starting point after a cross-country flight regardless of any conditions.
*depending on weather conditions, wing and pilot weight

We use advanced materials and technologies to make PowerPod flying safer:

Lightweight composite frame is ready to absorb impact energy.
Ducted fan technology in comparison to regular propeller solutions is much safer for a pilot and bystanders.
Soft fuel tank doesn’t need drainage, which means there will be no unpleasant odors and leaks during a flight.

PowerPod is a new niche product at the intersection of free and PPG paragliding, pushing the boundaries of these sports.

If you would like to receive more information about the aerodynamic features then follow the link below https://www.fulcrum-engines.com/news/……

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