PowerPod: Your opinion is needed


Dear pilots, we strive to make PowerPod as user-friendly and safe as possible.

It is no secret that weight plays a crucial role in paragliding equipment. In aviation, the battle for weight competes with the pursuit of reliability and, consequently, safety.

PowerPod is designed for soaring flights and cross-country, where extra weight is not welcomed. To reduce weight, we have implemented several solutions in the product, including CAD design, mathematical modeling, and optimized geometry, as well as the use of modern composite materials.

In aviation, various materials are used today, such as lightweight aluminum alloys, titanium, steel, and different composite materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.

In PowerPod, we prefer to use composite materials instead of metal because they offer the highest specific strength among all materials, allowing us to create reliable structures with minimal weight. This is particularly important for paragliding harnesses, where every extra kilogram can significantly affect comfort and safety during flight.

The ducted fan.

PowerPod incorporates a key innovation of using ducted fan technology. The fan (instead of a usual propeller) has a complex shape and operates under high loads, making carbon fiber the preferred choice over wood. The duct is profiled to create maximum thrust, and its geometry is difficult to achieve with other methods while maintaining minimal weight. The entire structure must provide sufficient rigidity for the fan to work within the duct with minimal clearance, while also being as lightweight as possible.
All these factors have led to the extensive use of composite materials in our PowerPod.

In our PowerPod, we have developed two solutions for the duct: carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Carbon Fiber duct Fiberglass duct
Pros Lower weight Lower price
Cons Higher price Greater weight

By using fiberglass in the construction, we can reduce the cost of PowerPod by 10%, but it will result in a weight increase.

Your opinion is needed What do you think, which version of PowerPod should we release first? We are eagerly awaiting your opinion, which you can leave in the form via the link

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